How To Measure Cannabis Extraction Efficiency

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Suppliers of cannabis and CBD extracts such as oils, waxes, and resins may be unaware of the process of extraction and the different methods that go into creating their most often purchased products. Farmers additionally may be curious about the extraction method their plants undergo after being sold. In this article, you will learn about:

    • What cannabis extraction is
    • Methods of cannabis extraction
    • How to measure cannabis extraction efficiency

CBD extracts are used in capsules, sprays, bath products, patches, and drinks. You can squirt CBD under your tongue for a quick boost and feed your dog CBD treats to calm her down before a flight. CBD is more popular than ever. The average consumer has almost certainly heard the acronym of cannabidiol, and up to 40% of young adults have tried a CBD product. Many others are familiar with the cannabis industry and marijuana communities in general. CBD and other cannabis extracts are no longer taboo subjects. Farmers, retailers, and consumers alike have become enamored of CBD products. 

For buyers of a high-quality, potent cannabis extract, it is crucial to understand the process and the best extraction methods before you purchase a large order from a supplier. Read through our guide to educate yourself about common extraction methods, and get in touch with us if you have any questions.

What Is Cannabis Extraction?

Retailers who are relatively new to the market may wonder how CBD is extracted and have many questions before purchasing a large order. Cannabis extraction or “processing” removes the usable chemical compounds from the plants themselves. This process may be used to distill specific cannabinoids such as CBD or THC, or the goal may simply be to turn the cannabis flowers into a usable liquid product. Depending on the manufacturer of extracts, several different methods are used to distill the concentrates into liquid.

Products That Utilize Cannabis Extract

The uses of cannabis extract are as wide-ranging as manufacturers’ imaginations, and new, specialized products hit the market at a fast pace. Retailers who seek out premium cannabis extract may learn to source their own supply. Still, as their business grows, it’s often more efficient to outsource this process to a lab specifically dedicated to extraction to keep up with customer demand. Popular products that retailers most often use cannabis extract for are listed below.

    • Sublingual tinctures that are administered with a dropper
    • Capsules of the oil 
    • Cartridges that are used in vaporizers
    • Oils that are known colloquially as shatter or wax

Common Methods of Cannabis Extraction

Though it’s possible to extract cannabis with a DIY method, at-home extraction is usually in the domain of the hobbyist. Retailers typically do not have the time or the means to learn this process and execute it while they are providing their catalog of products to their customers. Learn more about common, large-scale distillation processes in order to better understand your extract.

Hydrocarbon Extraction

Hydrocarbons (natural compounds composed of hydrogen and carbon) such as propane, hexane, and butane are used as solvents in this method to extract cannabinoids from raw plant material. Though hydrocarbons are often used as a fuel source, they are used in the cannabis extraction industry and the food industry to process a variety of vegetable oils. Almost none of the hydrocarbon material remains after the extraction process.

Ethanol Extraction

The cannabis flowers are soaked in ethanol during the ethanol extraction process, which draws the cannabinoids out of the plant matter and into the solvent. After filtering the cannabinoids out of the resulting liquid, you have a usable extract. 

CO2 Extraction

This method uses pressurized carbon dioxide within tanks to convert the CO2 into a fluid. The fluid then is able to pull out the desired CBD from the cannabis flower. After this specialized fluid is finished with the extraction, it dissipates and leaves the product behind.

Measuring the Efficiency of Extraction Methods

WayMaker’s systems utilize safe, cost-effective extraction methods. We work with suppliers who seek to gain the full range of cannabinoids in their CBD extracts with less than 0.3% THC, and we’re happy to discuss the needs of those who want to distill specific cannabinoid extracts for specialized purposes as well. Measuring the efficiency of extraction assumes both high quality and quantity of product at the end of the process — and we strive to bring both to our partners. 

WayMaker Labs works hard to ensure the quality of the resulting cannabinoid extract throughout the entire distillation process. Our testing standards include:

    • Using specialized equipment such as the new line of KPD industrial extractors, including the new KPD Vulcan, from Precision Extraction Solutions
    • Producing pure, odorless CBD extracts that meet stringent quality standards before shipping
    • Utilizing in-house testing every step of the way to ensure that the right amount and quality of the product has been distilled
    • Ensuring that each batch has the full range of all of the components of the cannabis, including cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes — all of which work together to produce the quality and effects that our clients depend on
    • Lot tracking throughout each phase

All of these components work together to result in a highly efficient system in which the full spectrum of cannabinoids is distilled into a first-class product: CBD extract. As a farm-to-retail provider, we understand that quality and open communication are key components of running a successful company. We strive to coordinate our processing and testing with our client’s needs, and our employees work diligently to refine your plants into an extract of the highest quality.

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At WayMaker Labs, we pride ourselves on clear communication and integrity as we work closely with hemp farmers and retailers to deliver high-quality products throughout Texas and the rest of the nation. For retailers who are ready to add potent cannabis extracts to their product lines, get in touch with WayMaker Labs to learn more about our extraction process. We look forward to answering your questions and developing a relationship with you to serve and improve your customers’ lives!

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